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Stainless steel

QSI-15, QSI-19, QSI-22, QSI-28, QSIN-22, QSIN-28 compression gas springs can be used in all applications where mass lifting and lowering needs to be controlled. They support manual forces and are used to control the opening and closing of covers, flaps, lids, etc. They are maintenance-free, stand-alone and available on stock. Their built-in grease chamber provides lower peel force, reduces friction and provides longer life.

Thus, they are not only resistant to water, but can also be used in the food, chemical and marine fields.

The QSI-15, QSI-19, QSI-22, QSI-28, QSIN-22, QSIN-28 models are equipped with a valve to achieve the desired force for all applications, and are primarily a range of gas cylinders. whose body and stem are 316L stainless steel ( QSI ) or 304 ( QSIN ). The fasteners are 316L or 303 stainless steel depending on the type.